Since our inception in 1934, as a producer of steel products, OTTO entered the waste handling market by starting up the mass production of steel litter bins in 1950. Soon after the introduction of plastic as raw material in the early sixties, OTTO developed and successfully introduced in 1965 the plastic 2-Wheel bin concept on the German market. Based on the success of this product, OTTO rapidly developed into one of the leading manufacturers of waste containers in Europe. In 1982 we took the world's largest plastic injection moulding machine in operation, followed by state-of-the-art production facilities in Germany (1992) and France (1993).

With over 10 production locations in 6 countries covering all relevant production technologies, over 65 years of knowledge and experience and a commercial presence in almost all countries on our continent, we are regarded as one of the leading companies in our field of business in Europe.

Based on our consolidated capacity, knowledge and experience, we offer the full range of waste handling related products and services, and provide expert knowledge support in this area. For the business areas Public Furnishing, Lift Equipment, Waste Data Management and Intermediate Bulk Containers we created competence centres, offering optimal solutions for your needs.

Using our European R&D centre we constantly strive to develop new products and services using advanced technologies and materials, to fulfill and anticipate market demands and find optimal solutions for a constantly changing world.
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